Looking beyond numbers help negotiate better with ATL Agencies

By: Karthikeyan Mahalingam
Lead Analyst, Marketing Services

13 Oct 2016

Negotiating the rate card for an ATL project has always been a daunting task for procurement managers across the globe. This does not come as a surprise since ATL advertising industry revolves around “creativity” which is more of an art rather than science/process. Agencies with strong brand names, talent and reputation are difficult to negotiate with as they have a stronger bargaining power. Procurement managers must therefore have a robust methodology in place and look beyond traditional rate card comparison methodologies to convince the agency personnel for rate card discounts. In this whitepaper, Beroe showcases why ATL agency negotiation is very different to any other marketing category such as media, production or BTL channels and also highlights the hidden negotiation opportunities that can be utilized to the fullest extent during the commercial discussion phase of any pitch process.

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