78% of the Fortune 500 companies source raw materials globally.
Combine this with practices like lean management that have led to reduction in inventories and rise in
unpredictable weather events, you get the need for urgent leadership in supply chain risk

Typical causes of supply chain disruption

Despite the criticality of supply chain visibility, nearly one-third of companies around the world have not analysed
their full supply chain to identify original source of disruption


Immediate supplier (Tier 1)


Supplier's supplier (Tier 2)


Much lower down the
supply chain


Not analysed the full supply chain
to identify original source of

Inspite of this 58% of organizations do not insure losses from supply chain disruptions

Impact of supply chain disruptions

Multi-tier Supply chain mapping

supply chain mapping

Beroe not only analyses
the supply chain but also the ecosystem

market dynamics

Risk coverage

risk assessment

From 30% disruption coverage through traditional risk
assessment approach to 100% coverage through Beroe's
in-depth category risk assessment approach

Beroe Solutions

Hi-tech Hi-touch promise

Beroe's partner ecosystem provides the dual-benefit of combining structured data rendered by tools and human intelligence to provide insights.

Explore alternate sourcing strategies to minimize risk and maximize profile

Access to quality supplier data and automated reports and dashboards to make informed decisions

Our team of highly trained healthcare category experts will curate and deliver only relevant alerts and insights

Stay on top of disruptions through an automated risk scoring algorithm and real-time alerts

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